How to care hair in right ways

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Whether handsome or beautiful women pay much attention to the maintenance of hair. In addition to avoiding cold and sunlight, more importantly, hair can also make one look more great. There are numerous sweat and sebaceous glands of the scalp, often secrete sweat and oil, we need serious and timely care. But how to care hair in right ways. Let lokshair tell you some tips.

wash hair regularly and use mild water
Sometimes scale is not easy to cool due to the cover hair, the secretions are easy mix with dust and dandruff, it is helpful for bacteria growing and become dirty, which will do harm to follicle and hair quality . Also, since hair is exposed in the air for long time, bacteria and sebaceous glands is mixed into dandruff and dirt, so we should often wash and comb hair to keep it healthy, shiny and elastic ( The person whose hair is oily should wash hair every day, other people can wash 2- 3 times a week).

avoid using hair dryer, let hair dry naturally
 Using dry towel to dry hair after washed hair as far as possible, and avoiding using a hair dryer. If you have to use a hair dryer, then vents make the vents too close to hair. Because the air come from hair dryer might be up to one hundred Celsius, it will damage the scalp, and damage hair tissue. So we should keep the hair dryer two fists from the hair at least, and don’t stay over 3 seconds everywhere. If the temperature is high, we can let hair dry naturally.

select suitable hair shampoo and conditioner
When buying shampoo, it is better to recognize their own hair is oily, normal or dry. Also choose hair cream, hair gel, wax which is suitable for yourself. Also thoroughly rinse after shampooing, Do not leave the shampoo on the hair.

keep good blood circulation
 If wearing wig, hats, helmets, hair, etc. for long time, we should adjust the time properly and the do massage on the scalp. Hair long airtight, heat and do not sweat volatile, susceptible bacteria that cause hair loss. Usually it is best not to wear a hat, one hand to avoid stuffy hair, on the other hand, it avoid the muscle damage at the brim of oppression and causing hair loss. In winter, we can wear a hat when go out, but we should take off it when we are in a warm place.

don’t dye and curl the hair too much
Improper dye or perm using will dissolved in the hair cortex, whereas injuries to the nervous system of hair medulla. Perm too many times will make hair dull easily, hair becomes brittle and easy to fall off.. Perm chemicals will also do harm to the scalp, hair follicles and hair, cause premature aging and white hair. Therefore, we should perm or dye again after a long time.


It is better to wash hair in warm water, it is not easy to clean when the water is cool, but if it is too high, it will damage the scale and increase dandruff. Using hot water or cool water is negative stimulus to scale and hair if your hair sheds, which will makes it worse.

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