Asian Furniture

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Asian furniture refers to a broad range of furniture styles from the Asian continent.
Beginning in the early 19th century, furniture was imported to North America from Asia. The bamboo and oriental styles were looked upon by many as classy and exotic. Recently the Asian style has hit mainstream and is available at all major retailers.

. Asian furniture makes use of black lacquered and dark tanned woods and simple lines in construction. A lot of the elements of Asian home decorating can be traced back to two schools of thought, one originating from China and the other from Japan. Korean furniture has also become popular in the recent years.

• Japanese furniture is Solid and utilitarian and makes use solid elm, kiri, or gingko woods. It has minimal ornamentation and an asymmetrical design.

• Korean furniture: is known for its graceful proportions based on a simple box. It offers both highly decorative and minimalist pieces made of solid, durable woods. Unique features of many Korean furniture sets are symbols such as turtles, cranes, and butterflies.
• Chinese furniture: is generally larger than it’s Asian counterparts. It makes use of minimal hardware and features lacquer coatings, hand-painting, and precise carving.


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